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(ARA) – Fast growing in popularity and affordability, easy-to-use DVD recorders changed the way people interact with their beloved TV remotes.

DVD, and the rewriteable DVD-RAM format in particular, is poised to become the recording medium of choice for consumers. "Not only is the picture quality better than VHS, about twice the detail and sharpness," says Jeff Cove of Panasonic about the
latest DVD recorders, "but the new generation of DVD recorders offers features that greatly enhance the viewing and recording experience."

But, if you think a DVD recorder is technically beyond what you will ever need, think again. Here are some features and functions the experts at Panasonic suggest you look for when shopping for a DVD recorder:

1. Chasing Playback. This simultaneous playback and record option, available only with DVD-RAM media, allows users to watch a program and record it at the same time. For those evenings when you get home too late to catch the beginning of your favorite program, you can now watch the first part while recording the rest of the show.

2. If accidentally recording over favorite shows and family videos is a big "no-no", only ask for recorders which feature the DVD-RAM format. These units record in much the same way as a computer's hard drive, automatically finding and only recording on blank spaces on the disk -- never over last year's summer vacation!

3. Preserving VHS Memories. When you record your favorite VHS tapes onto DVD, you'll actually be improving the quality of these images since DVD offers higher resolution. And, while you can connect a VHS deck to a DVD recorder, consider one of the new, all-in-one DVD-VHS combination units that make it easy to transfer tapes to DVD. An added benefit: DVDs take up a lot less room than bulky tapes.

4. Durability. While DVDs are generally more durable than videotape, not all DVDs are created equal! DVD-RAM discs can be rewritten to more than 100,000 times before they will wear out.

5. On-Screen Programming Guide. Look for those models which have a convenient onscreen program guide that lets consumers organize and plan their viewing and recording.

Cove recommends
Panasonic's model DMR-EZ48VK, which features these capabilities and more. The unit will also play back DVD, DivX, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD, CD-R, and CD-RW formatted discs.

So, whether you have an extensive videotape library to preserve or just want to record your favorite programs, there is sure to be a DVD recorder that will fit your needs.

For more information about DVD recorders and other consumer electronics products, visit
Panasonic products are available nationwide online and at major electronics stores.

Courtesy of ARA Content

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