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Home theaters

Technology and Design -- Putting Them Together for the Perfect Home Theater

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Home theater systems
Take your home entertainment space from low profile to high style with the right blend of design and technology.

(ARA) - Home theaters have gone beyond the purview of the rich and are showing up in homes across the country, from high-rise lofts to suburban subdivisions. So if you’ve been thinking of taking your home viewing experience to the next level, or if you’ve already started a home theater makeover, you’re in good company.

Now for the moment of truth: Raise your hand if you have a brand new piece of electronic gear still sitting in the box somewhere in your home because you couldn’t face trying to figure out how to work it? Or maybe that flashy DVD player made it out of the box, but is sitting next to your entertainment center because you couldn’t figure out how to hook it up and make it work with the rest of your equipment.

If so, you’re not alone! In a new survey by Philips Electronics, almost one-fourth (21 percent) of the respondents admitted to having unopened electronics at home that they found too complex after purchasing them. More than half (55 percent) of those surveyed said they were uncomfortable with new technology.

How are you going to create your perfect home theater if your components are still in the box? And once you unpack all that stuff, how are you going to integrate your personal style at home with all that technology? The truth is, most consumers face this same two-fold barrier when it comes to embracing technology in their homes: their comfort level with choices in new technology and a lack of understanding about how to make it work with their décor. Luckily, today’s well-designed products mean consumers are no longer faced with a choice between great design and cutting-edge technology.

Philips, a leader in
innovative, easy-to-use technology solutions, has joined forces with Stephen Saint-Onge to help simplify the integration of electronic components and décor with the launch of a new Web site, Well known for his role on the popular TLC series “While You Were Out,” Saint-Onge helps with how-to articles and personal design tips as well as before and after photos from room makeovers showing the successful marriage of design and technology.

The Web site is just one way Philips is making it easier for consumers to create their perfect entertainment room. With
beautifully designed products created with consumers in mind, the company takes you from concept to “Charlie’s Angels” without any hassles!

Consumers surveyed consider two products essential for creating the ultimate home theater setup -- a large screen television (33 percent) and a high performance sound system (54 percent). Philips answers those needs with
complete home theater systems, which include many higher end features.

Philips also addresses the rapid changes taking place in technology. With the digital revolution, consumers are faced with a perplexing number of potential advanced products and new technologies for the home. One-third (35 percent) of survey respondents expressed concerns about product choices and wiring becoming obsolete. Consumers want to make wise, future forward investments, but feel overwhelmed by conflicting information and confusing technology predictions. Philips offers products which utilize current technology, while embracing the next wave of progress, such as

The marriage of technology and design isn’t impossible -- in fact, with the right information, it can be a match made in heaven.

For more information, visit

Courtesy of ARA Content

Tips for Designing Your Home Theater

Designing a home theater setup involves an assessment of both lifestyle and budget. Here are some suggestions from designer Stephen Saint-Onge to get you started:

1. Before purchasing new equipment, assess your family’s viewing habits including types of programs watched and regular viewing patterns. Avid movie goers may desire amplified sound, bigger screen sizes and mood-enhanced lighting, whereas families that are frequently "on the go" may value a hard disk DVD recorder to capture their favorite events or regular programs using easy programming features.

2. From dimmer switchers to black-out curtains, there are a variety of ways to control lighting that can make watching television and movies more enjoyable. Sometimes, just changing the light bulbs or altering the placement of your lighting fixtures can make all the difference in your home theater environment. To determine lighting options suitable for your home, take photos of your home during the day and evening and share them with a lighting designer for input on how to maximize your viewing experience.

3. Add a personal touch. As you think about creating your own home theater, consider highlighting favorite movies, stars and scenes to make the space your own. Decorating your home is a reflection of your personality and the home theater is a great place to showcase your own Hollywood dreams.

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